Working at Bitscribe

Bitscribe (20090226) this day I still consider working at Bitscribe to be the greatest honor. I interviewed with them and then got an email stating that I was under experienced. Several months later, I got an email asking for me to come back in for a second interview and I ended up getting the job. It was the most amazing experience as the people who worked there were very serious about creating a perfect teaching environment for the talented yet green employees. AKA.. me!

The most amazing experience I had there was the process of measuring my work and always knowing where I stand in the company in terms of performance. They had built an amazing measurement tool that I am inspired by on a regular basis.

Orion, Adam, and James were so devoted to their craft that they seemed joyful to be able to work with others. A truly beautiful example of humanity!

While I was working for Bitscribe, I worked with a number of different sites ranging from refactoring the  backend of a major window manufacturer to OOPhp5 to a fabric company using procedural php4 to a publishing company using Ruby on Rails. The majority of my work there was utilizing PHP5 but we were just moving towards RoR when I got the laid off notice. Tough times happens when a company looses a client I suppose.

Adam, James, and Orion are busy on many other projects now including, an amazing RoR online interface/server/everything!

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