For the mobile-equipment friendly folks…

Mobisist -Home - Home Page (20090813)One of my oldest post-graduation friends contacted me a few months ago asking how much flattering it would take for me to do a website for the new company she was working for as the PR person (I know, I don’t use them there fancy terms). The company? Major’s Mobisist. This project was interesting because it is one of the rare projects that I split the responsibility up on rather than being the machomama and coding it myself. I had the designer do the design and give me html/images already cut up. Ideally, this is supposed to cut down the programmer time. I’ve still got a long way to go in terms of managing that properly but the end result is not too bad.

Our next round of v2 changes will promise a much better and precise code-set and I’m looking forward to working with the person I’ve brought on board of my team to ensure the absolute best quality job to Mobisist’s finetastic PR gal. *hats off to Angela.*

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