Next on the chopping block…

I have to sites coming up on the chopping block very soon and I’m really excited about them! My team is working diligently to bring us the fifth revision of with cool new features AND the FIRST OFFICIAL website for the lovely Kristin Kreuk! Kristin’s site should be out first and then we’ll release Allison’s new version in the next month or so (her site’s so big we gotta make sure that its all converted!)

Anyway, just thought I’d drop a teaser!

Cory is designing Kristin’s site and Chad will be programming it while I designed v5 of Allison’s site (and yup, Chad is coding it).

Can’t wait to show you all!

One thought on “Next on the chopping block…

  1. Lydia

    Fantastic! I’ve been hoping you’d come up with an official website for Kristin.
    And, Allison’s website is going to change again…WOW…for you and your team!

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