Chrome Oddities

So, I recently made the fateful switch to Google’s browser, “Chrome” and have been liking the experience thus far, which the exception of having my developing tools on Firefox. Last night, I opened my browser and all the fonts had turned into these weird As with boxes around them.

At first, I thought, “hm… must be some sort of tongue-in-cheek thing that google’s doing?” But then I realized that it was happening on every page that I was going to! Pfft.

Anyway, after some google searching in Firefox, I ran onto an article titled “How to Fix Chrome for Mac Broken Fonts.” I might have just titled it “Fonts are broken on chrome!” or “Boxes around A’s on Chrome” but that doesn’t really matter, because they gave awesomely useful tips on how to correct the annoying issue, which is that you need to clear your fonts cache.

So, if you have the same issue, go read that article and you should be fixed in a jiffy!

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