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A blur of activity

“Whatever you do, you should do right, even if it’s something wrong.” ~Hank Hill, King of the Hill.

I’m now in the middle of my fourth week as an entrepreneur! What an amazing experience it’s been so far! I can’t imagine ever having a boss again! That’s not really the point of my blog post though! I’ve been working on so many wonderful projects and I just thought I’d share it with my one reader!

Previously, in a podcast with, I mentioned the creation of several sites like and I’ve also mentioned a few projects I’m working on with the lovely Allison Mack, but there’s been other projects that I’ve been working on as well! So here’s a status update on many of my projects. This project is designed to provide merchandise and tshirts to those “crazy” fans who like to expess their love for shows or movies or all things geek in more ways than website participation. This project is currently on the back-burner. We’re in need of volunteers to manage the stores in exchange for products. All you ever wanted to know about feminism starts here. Complete history and inclusive points of view on the movement and the waves within it. Interviews from well known people are a spotlight. This project is currently on the back-burner. We are awaiting the opportunity to get funding. This site is always growing! Allison’s had some amazing ideas to put out on this site and it’s always growing! Allison just launched a new “MackEvents” section which features opportunities for her and her visitors to interact with each other in a fun and creative way. New events are posted between every 10 days and every two weeks. In addition to “Mack Events,” we’re also starting “Birthday Box” which will enable people to sign up to get personalized birthday emails from Allison. Soon she’s going to be announcing two fantastic projects she’s involved with. These should come in the next few days. This is my latest project and it has been such a joy to work on it! This site is currently closed to the public and only open to invited guests. Kendra Voth, unit Publicist and Producer’s assistant for the television show “Smallville,” and Kristin Kreuk, the actress who plays “Lana Lang” on Smallville are the hosts. They’ve been so wonderful to work with and have such a creative and amazing sense of web presence. To quote the girls by design mission: “This site is the first step towards our vision of creating a place where young women can come together from around the world to explore, express, create and realize their potential together.” Soon we’re going to have a newsletter sign-up for the general visitor, so keep checking back for that! What an amazing soul Mark Hildreth is! We relaunched his old site with a blog in the forefront. He writes once a week now and has fun polls. We’ll be having a LOT more additions to his site coming up soon, including video blogs and a full scale gallery. “Love is a complex state of attachment” is a quote from Dalai Lama that Mark often quotes. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve learned from working with him. I can’t wait until you all can get to know him a bit better.

Geektress: This site is almost ready for the public. I write reviews and do podcast appearances on this site and explore my inner geektress!

Additionally there’s some fun new projects I’ll be picking up! MyFastNotes, a site to jot down stuff quickly and access it from anywhere, is in the queue, as is “List This,” a site where you can have fun lists for anything you want! “Top 10 Favorite Seinfeld Episodes,” “Tuesday’s Grocery List,” “Worst Hairstyles in 2007,” anything! This is almost ready for beta so I’ll announce that here. Comment if you want to be on the beta list!

Busy! Busy! Busy! As you can see, I’m happily busy! I’m never too busy, however, for more sites to work on, so drop by Prestige Interactive for a personalized quote for your project!

The American Dream

“You don’t like your job, you don’t strike. You go in every day and do it really half-assed. That’s the American way.”

~Homer Simpson

It’s been months and months and perhaps even half a year since I last posted in this thing! I can explain that! WORK!! Having a full-time job while running a business has been one of my greatest challenges in my entire adult life. It’s been a difficult journey between keeping clients happy while not violating ethics at work and coding there. Occasionally, I am allowed the freedom to do something on an emergency basis, but any substantial pieces of code would have technically belonged to my full-time job rather than my clients, and I wanted to avoid that as much as possible.

I am now in week two of my last two weeks as a employee– hopefully forever! Yup! In my months of silence on this blog, I’ve figured out how to do quite a bit of the tasks I was looking for and should be getting my LLC papers in the mail today or tomorrow. I now am CEO of Prestige Interactive Network, LLC. We also have a CFO as well; my partner, Heather Shirk, has stepped up to the plate. All these fancy titles, and I honestly don’t really even know what they mean. I’ll just continue to do what I normally do, except all of the paperwork and money issues, which now Heather will take care of.

So, the last two weeks of working at any job is always either going to be SUPER busy, or not at all. It seems the last two weeks at my current job has been the latter. I can’t start any major projects since all of them will likely take a week or two. So, I’m just given light tasks. It’s driving my overly-active mind crazy because I’m the type of person that usually has to be doing 12 things at once. I think I am one impairment away from being ADHD– my mind needs to be THAT active.

So, starting Tuesday, November 21st, I will be full time into Prestige. I’ve got so many fun projects coming up to work on that I can’t wait for that date to come to be able to just dedicate myself to those projects. I’ve got SO much left to learn about running a business with the legalities and taxes, etc. But it’ll come!

And so, thus starts out my regular weekly (or so) blog about running a business. I’ve decided that this is just going to be where I’ll talk about either business concepts that I’m learning, projects I’m working on and releases, coding issues I’m trying to overcome or have found a fix for, and sometimes there might be a bit of business philosophy mixed into the bag as well.

I still like to think of Prestige as one of the more unique and beneficial companies. We’re objective-based, rather than time-based, meaning there are no set hours to work, just set objectives to meet. Many employees can’t deal with that at first. I know I couldn’t. But once you get used to it, it’s fantastic.

Well! Time to get to my full-time; another five business days left there!

“There’s been a breach of insecurity, sir!”

In my “ample” days of “modern employement”, as I like to call it, I’ve been able to glean a few ideas about running a business. I call it the “when I’m a parent” method of learning. It’s very difficult to really peg what you don’t know, but very easy and efficient to analyze what you do know. I’ve experienced just as much as any 28 year old woman has in the workplace, especially given my chosen career in the primarily male-dominant industry of Computer Science, and one of the biggest faults that seem to plague several of my positions is the feeling of insecurity.One of the fastest ways to generate slower productivity rates in an employee is to make them feel as if they could mess up at any moment, and if they did, they could be easily replaced. The truth is that everyone knows their replacement status anyway… we have colleagues and coworkers to remind us of this truth on a constant basis. Employees don’t need to be reminded of something they already know. Creating an insecure feeling amongst your team degenerates the processes to a point where many employees can no longer function on their task and getting it done, but rather who sees what and how they’re interpreting it.

This is a serious situation in many companies, and a sad predicament, to be sure. Why run a company if your primary goal is to keep people feeling insecure and down? Wouldn’t it be a better idea to run a company where all of your employees feel like they WANT to reach their maximum potential on the job?

For me, personally, I’ve found that I work best given rules, guidelines, and goals. I work least given micromanagement and over-reporting. It’s draining and a grand interruption in the flow of my work day to be constantly stopped for a status report.

In putting that “when I’m a parent” method into practice, knowing what I know about how I am most productive, I tend to want to treat those who work for me in the same manner. I feel I have been very successful thus far, and hope to continue to have the same respect I wish from others for those that I employ.

It’s a simple concept. Treat your employee like you want them and appreciate their hard work, and they’ll respond like-wise.