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Whoops! I didn’t mean to send that email.

If there’s one thing that I have learned in life, it is that the majority of our lessons come from the mistakes that we make. And I guess by “we,” I really mean “me” in this case.

One of my very first mistakes I made as a professional software engineer happened to involve email. My boss told me that I was to prepare an email campaign to send out to 10,000 people. Now, I had never done an email campaign before. I was just fresh out of college– very green. I didn’t even know there WERE email campaigns. So this was all very new to me. My boss was pleasant enough about it. He gave me step-by-step instructions and told me what to do. The first step to creating this email campaign was to create a test email. I was supposed to send that test email to 3 to 5 people so that they can look over it and approve the contents and look-and-feel. In order to remind people that the email was a test email, I was supposed to put the word”test” in the subject line. So I did! And, that went well. Everyone must please and they were ready for me to push the big fat “Send” button.

I was really excited to finally be able to send out my very first email campaign. I got together the entire mailing list of 10,000 names and entered it into the mailing system. Eagerly, I sent it on its merry way. Just after I sent the email to thousands and thousands of people, I noticed the subject line still had the word”Test” and it. I was absolutely mortified. I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten such a simple thing.

That day, I learned to check and double-check and triple check my subject lines of every email that I ever send–even my personal emails.

Fast forward a couple more years when I made my next email mistake. I had gone off to start my own consulting company. I was handling the online presence for several celebrities. During one of my correspondences, I cc’d another one of my clients and hit send. And wouldn’t you know it– after I received the confirmation that the email was on its way, I realize that I also sent the email to one of my client’s fans, instead of my client and the second intended recipient. I was terrified. At that point I wasn’t even sure what to do. The best thing I could do was send an apology to my client and not acknowledge what happened to the other person. That time, the lesson I learned from that was to always triple check my “to” and “cc” lines.

Every now and then I make a few mistakes in regards to emails. But today was a mistake that I was kind of surprised I made. As I announced before, I have decided to rebrand. Part of the task of rebranding is to create a new email template for my blog posts. Now, I use MailChimp to let people know that I posted a blog. So I needed to change my mail template on MailChimp from the Essence Interactive template to my personal brand. Over a weekend, I created a new template. My emails are generally sent every Monday at 5 PM Eastern to notify my clients or other various people that I’ve worked with that I have written a blog post.

Welp, sure enough, the Monday after I penned the post about WordPress APIs, I got an email back from my mother, of all people, questioning the contents of my email. It was then that I realized the template was not done correctly. Instead of it being dynamically populated with my actual blog posts it was the template text! This of course makes no sense to anyone who is reading it. And it certainly wouldn’t look good if I was advertising  myself to be someone who makes email templates (which I am not).

Oh well, I guess sometimes you win some and you loose some. So now I’ll  fix my template and make sure that everything is working well. And of course all of my email clients will get notified once I post this blog post. But sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh with the situation. Life is too short takes such things so seriously. I will do better next time.

And if there’s any moral of would like for you to leave with today for this blog posts. It would be that. Do better next time. Don’t take it so seriously. There is always room for improvement.