Chrome Oddities

So, I recently made the fateful switch to Google’s browser, “Chrome” and have been liking the experience thus far, which the exception of having my developing tools on Firefox. Last night, I opened my browser and all the fonts had turned into these weird As with boxes around them.

At first, I thought, “hm… must be some sort of tongue-in-cheek thing that google’s doing?” But then I realized that it was happening on every page that I was going to! Pfft.

Anyway, after some google searching in Firefox, I ran onto an article titled “How to Fix Chrome for Mac Broken Fonts.” I might have just titled it “Fonts are broken on chrome!” or “Boxes around A’s on Chrome” but that doesn’t really matter, because they gave awesomely useful tips on how to correct the annoying issue, which is that you need to clear your fonts cache.

So, if you have the same issue, go read that article and you should be fixed in a jiffy!

Magento Geek Post!

So, I am a sucker for Magento Commerce software. In the past it has been a real bitch to install though, and has eaten up plenty of my time. I’m also one of the dorks who get yelled at a lot because…. wellllll… I LIKE dreamhost! I think, so far, it has worked well with my needs. I’ve been a customer with them for several years, and have no complaints yet really.

Anyway, In the past, it’s been hour after hour of trying to get Magento to install on dreamhost for my own nefarious reasons. There was tears, there were swear words, there were furious posts on magento message boards and pleas to Dreamhost support. There was always success in the end, but at my expense… let me tell you!

Well! Cry no longer, my friends! I read the coolest tutorial and used the coolest instructions and was able to get my mom’s new online store to install within MINUTES. That’s ALMOST as fast as it takes to install wordpress.


Here’s the toot:


So I’m working on an upcoming conversion of a huge site with tons of content from a highly customized version of PostNuke to Drupal 6x. I’ve never worked in Drupal before, so reading up on it… I had no idea that it worked the way it does. It’s funny because I get a feeling of “smooth” when I work with it, too. Like things just work, and its crazy.

I’m wondering what they general experience is of other developers who start Drupal for the first time. Besides the nature of it being centered around content/nodes, is there anything important to remember in order to really properly create Drupal modules?

The project I’m working on will require some things written, and thankfully much of it can utilize the base framework and contributions.

Learning ASP

I’ve been quiet for the last few weeks, haven’t I? I mean, I know I don’t post here very often, but I’ve been exceptionally quiet… even my twitter isn’t a-twittering

It’s because I’ve joined the work-force. Yes, indeed. It’s a tough world out there!  We do what we need to do to survive. You know, I recently watched the movie, “Book of Eli,” and decided that I did NOT want to have to resort to eating… well… not chicken… in order to live. So, I went forth and begged… and found a job.

It wasn’t that hard, actually. I knew someone who knew someone… went and asked if they were looking to hire, and indeed they were. So I found myself suddenly in the midst of *achoo* a Windows developing environment, learning ASP and VB. It’s pretty dang cool. The most challenging aspect of it isn’t learning the new language… it’s re-learning windows. I have been a mac-user for so long now that even the silliest things in windows I’ve completely forgotten. So I feel like a bit of an idiot when it comes to IIS and registering DLLs and components and regedit… etc. But hey, it’s fun! And challenging! And Challenging is something I have been looking for!

What does this mean about Essence Interactive? Not much. See, if you haven’t noticed, I like to think that I can do it all. And usually I can! The most I can say is that there is now a queue of clients. If you want your site done by Essence Interactive, Inc, you will have to wait up to two weeks before it can begin, so please plan accordingly.

Essence interactive, Inc’s website is still in design phase. We’re trying to find that perfect “in yo’ face!” image that isn’t so much in yo’ face but is “AHA THIS IS THE BEST COMPANY FOR ME.”

I mean really, I’m only taking the full time job to support my habits over at and and also be able to continue servicing my lovely lovely clients the lovely lovely way I have been.

Two sites will get done by next weekend or else I will leave the industry forever… and These two had to take a pause in rendering due to my fulltime job schedule but i think I’ve got things to a regular schedule and will get them done this weekend! For Feijoosisters it’s almost all content that I’m waiting to do… so its just waiting on the data and it can be released. It’ll be the most beautiful dancer’s site ever! Doris Egan’s site is more tiny tweaks she wants and I shall give her!

Also in the queue is more work on, revolution mobility, kristin kreuk’s site will be getting an improvement, allison mack’s site will be pulling the wardrobe change trick as well. On top of that we’re doing some awesome additions to making it easier for the clients to save their data and improving some functionality to the checkout procedures.

So, not much going on… just that. 😉 Oh and also, personally my partner and I are moving to Albany (from Clifton Park) to be closer to the new job. Plus, we’re going to be working on a family soon and we’re gonna need more space! Helena and I decided to blog our adventures regarding the family, because there’s oh-so-much to share!

A’ight. My schedule for the new job is 7:00am to 3:30pm soooooo it’s about bedtime folks. Enjoy your week and I’ll check in with you all next week with the fresh launch of two sites!

PS It’s possible I’m singing on Valentines Day… not sure yet….

Wp-Framework Error Fix

I am making a website for a friend who runs a car-care concierge service and decided to use the WP-Framework theme to start off with. Everything went smoothly until I was nearly done and noticed a glitch in the <title> tag for the blog link. After some investigation on the issue, I found the bug in library/extensions/semantic-classes.php on line 62.

else : wp_title( '&raquo', true, 'left' ); bloginfo( 'name' );

I fixed the issue by adding a semi-colon and changing the value from left to right. This matched the rest of the site.

else : wp_title( '&raquo;', true, 'right' ); bloginfo( 'name' );

Very small fix for anyone out there using the theme, but thought I’d share.

Next on the chopping block…

I have to sites coming up on the chopping block very soon and I’m really excited about them! My team is working diligently to bring us the fifth revision of with cool new features AND the FIRST OFFICIAL website for the lovely Kristin Kreuk! Kristin’s site should be out first and then we’ll release Allison’s new version in the next month or so (her site’s so big we gotta make sure that its all converted!)

Anyway, just thought I’d drop a teaser!

Cory is designing Kristin’s site and Chad will be programming it while I designed v5 of Allison’s site (and yup, Chad is coding it).

Can’t wait to show you all!

Great Graphic Design Search Begins

Graphic Web Designer QuestionsOne of my least favorite parts, so far, about running my own company is the part where I look to hire new people. Posting on craigslist is the best way to go, in my opinion. In fact, that’s how I found all of the jobs that I’ve ever worked for, so I swear by it.

Posting on craigslist, however, has its ups and downs. Firstly, it’s where the serious programmers/designers go to look for work. We tend to want to stay underground and organic; Craigslist provides both of these luxuries. However, craigslist has become a breeding ground for the outsourcing companies in India or the Phillipines as well and you get a lot of generic copy/paste submissions any time you post an ad.

So, I’ve discovered a way to combat that that seems to work for the most part. I ask the applicant to answer unique questions. Most of the time the questions server two purposes, aside from being able to tell if the applicant is a outsourcing company or a legitimate local applicant. The first purpose is usually to draw the “personality” out in the person and help them feel less unsure of themselves as they submit the application. This is projective, I know, but any time I have ever submitted an application there was always that seed of doubt. So its to get them thinking about fun things. The second nature of the questions is to gain a bit of insight towards the general attitude about the person. Those questions are usually when I ask questions about other people. “Who is your hero and why,” is always a great question for that purpose because of the power of projection. The answer to that question always tells me what the person’s values are to them and what they would uphold no matter what.

Not only has this questioning process helped me narrow down my applicants to look at (which is a great thing), it has also helped for me to look forward to reading each person’s submission as well. It sets me up to look at their portfolios in a more humanitarian based way, and thus, more objectively. I think about the person themselves as I look at their samples.

If anyone else wants to give it a shot to post questions, please do post here and let me know what your experience of doing it was and how it effected you and the way you read the cover letter, portfolio submissions, etc.